Planet + People

Planet + People

Our Philosophy

Our Founder, Michael took this photo during a trip to South Africa.

“The engine was off. The ranger turned to us and said, ‘The tall animals eat the leaves and the top of the grass. Then the shorter animals, like the warthogs, come in and eat the shorter grass. They stir up the earth so the birds can eat the bugs and worms. They all rely on each other. If you took one thing out, it would all fall apart.’
This has always stayed with me. It’s a reminder of how delicate our environment is, and that we, as people, must protect and preserve it.”

If you do what's best for the environment, you'll do what's best for you.

Sustainability or bust.

We’re all about three things (because clearly we love threes): great coffee, simplicity and the environment—the last definitely not being the least.

  • Sourcing

    We only source from farms where the land and surrounding communities are protected and respected.

  • Roasting

    We strive to attain the highest levels of energy efficiency while also promoting general conservation in our daily grind.

  • Packaging & Shipping

    With compostable coffee bags and recycled mailing boxes, we try to package and ship with as little impact as possible.

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