• Coffee
    Is all of your coffee whole bean?

    Yes. And for a couple of reasons. Once coffee is ground, it begins to oxidize and lose its vibrancy. Grinding as you go will help keep your coffee fresher, longer. And since grinding varies with each brewing method, it provides you more freedom to decide if it’s a French Press or coffee maker kind of morning. Tips for grinding can be found in our Brewing Guide.

    How should I store my coffee?

    Our bags are equipped with one-way valves designed to help keep your coffee fresh for weeks. However, once the bag is opened, we suggest keeping the beans in an airtight container in a cool, dark place (like a kitchen cabinet). Avoid the fridge or freezer as it can add moisture to the beans and ruin the flavor.

    What’s the best way to brew my Trijava coffee?

    There are a lot of really cool ways to brew coffee. We’ve created step-by-step directions for the six most common methods in our Brewing Guide.

    Do you sell decaf?

    Not yet. But never say never.

  • Orders
    When will I be charged for my order?

    The credit card you provided will be charged when the order is placed.

    How will I know when my order is ready?

    Once your order is placed, we'll send a confirmation email to the address you provided. When your order is ready, another email will be sent with shipping information to help you track the exact date it will arrive.

  • Subscriptions
    Can I change my subscription?

    Of course! Whether you’d like more coffee, less coffee, or a different coffee, updating your subscription is easy. Simply login to your account and click on Subscription.

    When will I be charged for my subscription?

    The credit card you provided will be charged the same date each order is filled.

    What if I decide to cancel my subscription?

    That would be really sad. But if you must, simply follow the link provided in the Subscription section of your account dashboard.

  • Sustainable Packaging
    Are your bags compostable?

    Yes! Our bags are part of a sustainable line of products called Biotre by Pacific Bag Inc. They are completely compostable (except for the valve and tie). Even the roast date labels are compostable.

    Are your boxes recycled?

    Why yes! All of our coffee ships in recycled cardboard boxes which can be recycled again and again.

  • Shipping
    Where do you current ship to?

    Anywhere in the U.S.

    What type of shipping method do you use?

    We use various shipping partners based on your distance or location.

    How much does it cost?

    All of our shipments are a flat rate of $4.95 per package. This helps keep things simple and prevents any surprises at checkout.

  • Returns
    What if I’m not completely in-love with my Trijava purchase?

    Everything’s going to be okay. Checkout our Return Policy.

  • Gift Cards
    How do your gift cards work?

    Our gift cards are paperless. Trijava love and money are sent and received through the emails provided with the order. Gift card codes are included in the email and may be applied to any order at checkout.

  • Large Orders
    I need lots of coffee. Who should I talk to?

    That’s great! We love large orders. You can either send a note to hello@trijava.com or leave a message at 513-549-7718. We’ll get you hooked up ASAP.

  • Feedback
    How should I provide feedback?

    We’re always striving to provide the best experience we can, and we know that’s only possible by listening to our customers. Your feedback is more than welcome. Send your thoughts and comments through our contact page.

  • Media
    How should we contact Trijava regarding press queries?

    Please send a note to hello@trijava.com or leave a message at 513-549-7718.

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