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Plant varieties, climate, altitude and processing methods are just a few of the factors determining how coffee tastes, but the region where it’s sourced is king. Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia are the largest coffee growers in the world. So we’re creating one coffee to represent each region—a blend of the highest quality beans from the best farms, sourced seasonally and sustainably. It's about making it simpler to enjoy what makes each region unique and every coffee special.

Simply Great Coffee

Our approach to specialty coffee is to make it simpler and easier for people to enjoy the tastes and nuances they crave. We hope to guide and excite all coffee lovers, regardless of their experience or knowledge.

Of course, it's ultimately about creating amazing coffee. We hope to do this by partnering with incredible farms to deliver delicious coffee that’s relatable, attainable and unforgettable.

All for great coffee, and great coffee for all!

It's all in how you source it.

When it comes to the how, what, why and where, these are some of our guiding principles.

  • Seasonality

    Coffee is a fruit. And like all fruits, coffee has seasons. By picking at peak ripeness, we can enjoy the full flavor and vibrancy nature intended. This commitment allows us to create fresh and exciting blends all year long.

  • Our Blends

    Our line-up is simple, but each coffee is deliciously complex. By pairing beans from various geographies within each region, we're able to create blends that embody and highlight the beautifully distinct characteristics of that region.

  • Certifications

    With a commitment to protecting the environment, we strive to only source from farms that are Rainforest Alliance or USDA Organic certified. If a certification isn't available, we work to ensure the land and community are still respected.

Delicious coffee's in the air.


When you’re sourcing the highest quality beans, there’s really only one roast: the optimal roast. We roast to elevate every nuance and note, and not a degree or second more.


There are many ways to brew your delicious Trijava coffee. You can be as simple or fancy as you like. From traditional coffee makers to pour overs, our Brewing Guide is designed to help you every step of the way.

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