Brewing Guide

Coffee Maker

Let’s face it. Automatic coffee makers are convenient and luxurious. When you’re in a button-pushing kind of mood, this guide will help you brew the perfect pot.

We subscribe to a 1:16 coffee:water ratio as a benchmark for brewing great coffee. Of course, your personal preference may be weaker or stronger. Adjust accordingly.

Depending on the size of your coffee maker, use the following guide to help you determine how much ground coffee to use. Remember, a cup of coffee is not the same as a standard cup – it’s actually only 4 oz.

4 cup (16 oz/ 448 g): 4 tbsp (28 g)
8 cup (32 oz/ 896 g): 8 tbsp (56 g)
12 cup (48 oz/ 1,344 g): 12 tbsp (84 g)

Grind: Medium (like granulated sugar)

  1. Place filter in brewing basket (unless filterless).
  2. Add freshly ground Trijava coffee.
  3. Add cold water.
  4. Push the start button.
  5. Enjoy!
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